Referral Forms
Our physical therapist possess advanced training in orthopedic manual therapy. Our treatment philosophy focuses on active programs. We believe that patients should stay active, stay at work and stay fit. Patients should expect to be involved in appropriately dosed therapeutic activities, which are designed to limit and resolve dysfunction and pain. Our programs always emphasize pain free activity. Your first appointment will include a thorough history and evaluation. The findings of this assessment will be discussed with you, and with your input, an individualized treatment plan will be developed. Successful rehabilitation is built on communication between patient, physician and therapist regarding goals and expectations. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

What to bring:
  • This referral form (if required by your insurance company) from your physician.
  • Your insurance card, claim number and any pertinent billing information. (click here for a list of insurances AMT takes.
If it is your first visit to Advanced Manual Therapy, you can help speed up the intake process by completing our Medical History and Physical Condition forms before you arrive.

Please bring comfortable clothing for your evaluation. Patient gowns and shorts are available. A bathing suit top is helpful.